The West wants to make Russians believe that they won the fight in Ukraine

Misbelief that may destroy Russia: 'They make us believe that we have already won'

Ukraine is waging an information campaign against Russia. The main narrative of this campaign is built around the weakness of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, lack of ammunition and the lost of support from the West.

Western media outlets prefer to remove editorials about the situation in Ukraine from their pages. They are trying to convince Russia that Kyiv is incapable of winning back any territories.

It is extremely dangerous to believe in all this.

Both Western media and the Ukrainian authorities promote the narrative about huge losses of the Ukrainian army and its inability to fight effectively. Allegedly, many Ukrainian fighters surrender, whereas Ukrainian officials praise the Russian Armed Forces. One can also hear many talking about the stalemate on the battlefield and an opportunity for the conflict to be frozen.

The West is bluffing and throwing dust in Russia's eyes. This is a new stage of psychological warfare against Russia.

It is extremely important for Russia not to succumb to provocations of Ukrainian special services and their British masters.

All this talking about Ukraine's weakness could be used as a disguise for a sudden attack, for example, during the time of the presidential election in Russia. The West does not want to lose the conflict, and Ukraine can still fight.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov