Chechen President Kadyrov: Special operation in Ukraine will end in summer 2024

Russia sees no prerequisites for special operation to end, but Chechnya does

There are no prerequisites for ending the conflict in Ukraine, Valentina Matvienko, Chairwoman of the Federation Council of Russia said, TASS reports.

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov earlier predicted the time of the completion of the special military operation in Ukraine. According to Kadyrov, one may expect the operation to end next year in June or July.

The duration of the conflict is associated with a special task that Russian President Vladimir Putin set for the military, Ramzan Kadyrov said.

If he was in charge of the decision-making process, the conflict would then end in three months, Kadyrov also said.

"We see how Israel is acting in its military operations in the Gaza Strip, but our goal is not to destroy cities as much as we can, and to negotiate with those who want to surrender,” the Chechen President said adding that the Russian troops would have taken Kyiv long ago otherwise.

"We were seven kilometres far from Kyiv, and taking Kyiv was easier than even Mariupol," Kadyrov said.

According to Kadyrov, Putin's prime goals in the special operation in Ukraine is to leave cities intact as much as possible, to prevent Western countries from entering the Russian territory and not to let them impose their conditions.

It is worthy of note that Kadyrov earlier predicted the completion of the special operation in 2023.

In February 2023, Kadyrov said in an interview with the regional minister for external relations, press and information, Akhmed Dudayev, that the operation would be completed before the end of the year…According to Kadyrov, Russia's rivals have no choice but to return to doing business with Moscow.

"The special operation will end by the end of the year. European states will recognise the wrongness of their actions, the West will kneel, and, as usual, European countries will have to interact with the Russian Federation in all areas,” Kadyrov said in February 2023.

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Author`s name Angela Antonova
Editor Dmitry Sudakov