Ghost of Kyiv killed as Czech L-39 training aircraft collide in Ukraine


The Ghost of Kyiv was killed as two Czech combat training aircraft L-39 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine collided near Zhytomyr. It is believed that it goes about a pilot with the call sign Juice. 

Juice was know was known as one of the Ghosts of Kyiv - a composite image of Ukrainian pilots of the 40th tactical aviation brigade.

The Ghost of Kyiv is a legendary superhero whose character was created by Ukrainians, the Ukrainian Air Force Command said following the crash. 

According to the Ukrayinska Pravda newspaper, Juice was a pilot of the MiG-29 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Andrey Pilshchikov. Yuriy Ignat, a representative of Ukraine's Air Force, wrote that the pilot “was dreaming about F-16s in the Ukrainian sky” and wanted to pilot the American fighter himself.

The plane crash occurred on August 25 during a training flight. Three pilots were killed. Ukraine received the L-39 aircraft from the Czech Republic.

On June 16, Vladislav Savelyev, a MiG-29 pilot, who completed a two-year training course for combat pilots in the United States, was killed on a combat mission soon after he returned to Ukraine.

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Ghost of Kyiv killed in midair collision
Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff
Editor Dmitry Sudakov