Video shows Krasnopol guided artillery projectile in action

Russian Defence Ministry shows Krasnopol guided artillery projectile in action


The Russian Ministry of Defenсe showed a video of a 152-mm Krasnopol guided artillery projectile flying towards a target.

The video, taken from a reconnaissance drone, shows the activity of Ukrainian troops at a crossroads. Then a Krasnopol projectile appears in the frame flying along a flat trajectory. The projectile changes its flight course before hitting the target.

The guided munition was used to obliterate position of Ukrainian mortarmen, the Ministry of Defence noted.

The Krasnopol guided artillery projectile is designed to hit targets with first round accuracy. It was developed by High Precision Systems holding company. The ammunition uses the laser beam of the rangefinder-target designator to detect targets. At the final stage of the flight, aerodynamic rudders of the ammunition correct the course of its flight.

Russian artillerymen started using modernised Krasnopol-M2 high-precision projectiles with a new semi-active laser homing head in the zone of the special military operation in July.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva