Russian general says what types of cluster munitions Russia can use

What types of Russian cluster munitions can Russia use for a mirror response?


The Armed Forces of Ukraine started using cluster munitions that they received from the United States.

Russian Army General Vladimir Popov assessed the ability of the Russian Armed Forces to respond.

The Russian army has air-delivered cluster bombs (known for the Russian initials as RBK bombs) and container bomb units, the general noted. The Russian troops can use such rocket and cannon artillery shells. Fragmentation munitions for aircraft-mounted guns can also be used.

Conventional FAB-250, FAB-500 and other airborne bombs could also be upgraded to become cluster projectiles. They can be equipped with fins and navigation modules to make them smart bombs.

The Russian forces have not started using cluster munitions in response, as they have other means of destruction. However, the situation will soon change.

"We were always given the task, especially at the initial stage of the special military operation, to target equipment in the first place, not the personnel, to destroy enemy's weapons. And then force the military and political leadership of Ukraine to lay down their arms,” Popov said in an interview with MK.

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov
Editor Dmitry Sudakov