Military men in special operation zone: 'They sit there in cafes because we sit here in trenches'


Pravda.Ru special correspondent Daria Aslamova visited the front lines of the Russian army near the town of Avdiivka.

The journalist spoke with fighters from the Donetsk People's Republic — "Miron" from Ilovaisk, "Miner" from Yenakiyevo, and "Peter" from Amvrosievka. In their civil lives, the men worked as a driver, a miner and a railway worker.

The military men from the DPR are upset that not everyone is aware of the situation in the special operation zone and in "big" Russia. In their opinion, everyone should be aware that the Motherland is asking for protection, although one does not need to nail everyone into the army service.

"They have no motivation there, people live peaceful lives. … Why are they in restaurants there? Because we are here. It would be right to change places with them so that they understand how it feels. Someone is making this peace possible.

"Take our "rear" cities, take … Yenakiyevo — it feels like nothing is happening there. Young lads drive foreign cars and date girls. Why don't you go to defend your land?" Miner wondered.

The correspondent also spoke with soldiers from the Belgorod region. A 21-year-old man "Chui" took a call sign in honour of his deceased father, put his mother before the fact and went to the conscription office.

A 33-year-old "Muhomor", who already has three children, was mobilised in October last year. The fighter celebrated the birth of his daughter while in the trenches.

"I saw my daughter, I went to visit after the her birth. I was on a leave, everything was as it should be,” says the soldier.

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Military on the front line
Author`s name Angela Antonova
Editor Dmitry Sudakov