Special operation in Ukraine will last for five years. Poland is next

Daria Aslamova reporting from Bakhmut: Special military operation to last for five years


Pravda.Ru correspondent Daria Aslamova visited the city of Bakhmut (Artyomovsk) after the Russian forces took full control of the city. In the city, the journalist spoke to PMC Wagner fighters.

One of the fighters told the journalist that he had limited access to information. PMC Wagner fighters have no idea that they have become stars, the military man said. The man said that he spent the last six months of his life serving in the zone of the special military operation and had no time left for anything else.

"I came as a volunteer. When I was making my choice, I realised that PMC Wagner fighters were the ones who were really making a difference,” the "musician" said (PMC Wagner fighters are colloquially referred to as "musicians" - ed.).

The soldier also said that he did not even think about going on vacation and was waiting for his command to make a decision.

"Here, everything depends on the situation. Now we have taken Bakhmut. If the command allows, I will go on vacation. If not, then we will continue working. We understand that this is a war for the survival of our Russian world. That's all. There is no turning back," the fighter said.

Special operation: Poland is next

According to the fighter, the special military operation is not going to end soon. It is going to last for five years at least. Ukraine's neighbours could be involved in military actions too, he said.

"Poland is next. They get money and weapons pouring in. When will it end? I think in about five years," the military said.

The "musician" noted that he did not think too much about the political part of the special military operation. The task for the man was to take Bakhmut.

"We have completed our task. Now let higher, smarter people decide what is going to happen next. If we are tasked with moving forward, then we will go, we will work," the soldier believes.

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Author`s name Angela Antonova
Editor Dmitry Sudakov