Russian forces start using powerful UPAB-500 bombs to strike Ukraine

Russian forces use powerful air bombs to strike Ukrainian troops

The Russian forces struck a powerful blow on the Ukrainian troops in Bakhmut (the Russian name of the city is Artemovsk).

The Russian forces began to actively use UPAB-500 gliding 500-kilo bombs.

Military expert, former special forces officer and intelligence officer Anatoly Matviychuk believes that the Russian forces proceeded to the use of some of the weapons that had been saved "for a rainy day."

The Russian army is sending a clear signal to the West: the more weapons the West will supply to Ukraine, the more losses the Ukrainian troops will suffer.

In an interview with MK publication, the expert referred to Putin's remarks, who said that the Russian forces had not started anything serious yet.

"We have not used all the weapons and means that we have at our disposal. The enemy is building up its forces, and in response to Western arms supplies to Ukraine, Russia is stepping up the production of military products. We use large-caliber high-explosive aerial bombs to destroy control systems and advanced weapons that the West supplies," Matviychuk said.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov