Video: Russian Lancet kamikaze drone strikes Ukrainian tank

Russian military correspondent Yury Kotenok posted a video of the destruction of a Ukrainian tank.

The video shows a Ukrainian tank being destroyed by Lancet loitering munition.

The footage shows the tank trying to hide in a forest belt in the Zaporozhye (Zapirizhzhia) direction of the front. The Lancet hits the top of the tank, it starts burning and then explodes.

The Lancet is a Russian loitering munition also known as a kamikaze drone. It was designed by ZALA Aero Group which is part of the Kalashnikov Group.

This is an unmanned vehicle with an integrated warheadю The drone is capable of flying over battlefield for a long period of time. The drone independently detects a target and destroys it by diving like a guided missile, if necessary.

The ability of such drones to stay airborne for a long time while waiting for a moment to strike (loiter) was used for their name — loitering munition. This is currently one of the most promising and effective types of high-precision weapons.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov