US mercenary says Ukrainian fighters torture and decapitate Russian POWs

US mercenary McIntyre: Nationalists tortured Russian prisoners and killed three

US mercenary John McIntyre, who defected from Ukraine to the side of the Russian Federation, told RT military correspondent Murad Gazdiev about the crimes that Ukrainian nationalists and Foreign Legion fighters were committing. 

According to the mercenary, militants used civilians not only as a live shield, but also for the purpose to create fake news.

"On the second day after my arrival, we were in Lviv. We were in the school basement. A group of people - gypsies - were placed above us. The soldiers were underneath them so that if they struck the building, it would look like they had bombed a refugee shelter. They acted the same way in Donetsk, in Kharkiv," the former US Army Marine said.

According to him, Nazis tortured captured Russian soldiers. They would cut off their genitals, cut their bellies open, slit their throats and cut off their heads. Three were killed with a shot in the back of the head.

Members of Azov* and the Carpathian Sich, as well as mercenaries from France, Portugal and Argentina, took part in the murder of the captured Russians.

*recognised as a terrorist organisation, banned in Russia.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov