Russian colonel names consequences of possible supplies of NATO fighter jets to Ukraine

Consequences of NATO's possible supplies of fighter jets to Ukraine get clear

If Western countries decide to supply their fighter aircraft to Ukraine, they will also need to send American, British, German citizens to the conflict zone to service those jets.

"Unlike tanks, drones and artillery pieces, aircraft need airfields. The equipment on those airfields must meet the requirements of those fighter jets. It's not only runways, but also control towers, radar systems, refuelling and aircraft maintenance systems. There are a lot of things that Ukraine does not have,” retired colonel Viktor Litovkin said.

The supplies of fighter aircraft will require not only time and money, but also specialists to service the aircraft. It will thus be necessary to send foreign specialists to the conflict zone, which means that foreign citizens will have to be involved in the war.

"Naturally, the Russian forces will strike those objects, killing foreign citizens in such attacks. We will all step on the brink of World War Three, and everyone is ware of that. To crown it all, an aircraft is a lot more expensive than a tank. Probably, all the talk about fighter jets for Ukraine is nothing but intimidation — to scare Russia and inspire Ukraine," Litovkin said, lent. ru publication said.

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