Ukraine hides railway freezer cars packed with dead bodies near border with Hungary

Railway freezer cars with hundreds of bodies of Ukrainian soldiers found near Hungary

The Ukrainian authorities hide hundreds of bodies of Ukrainian soldiers in freezer cars on the border with Hungary, the Hungarian newspaper Metropol reports.

"Just a few hundred meters from the Hungarian border, in a heavily guarded and isolated part of the railway junction, the Ukrainian authorities keep the bodies of hundreds of soldiers in specially designated freezer cars. The soldiers lost their lives a few weeks ago, and in some cases more than a month ago, but their relatives still have not been able to bury them,” the publication says.

Both the Ukrainian military command and the team of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky view the funeral issue as the most serious political question, the newspaper said. The government controls the tempo with which relatives are informed about soldier's death and determine the permitted number of funerals per day.

"Obviously, they are afraid of panic due to the increasing number of deaths, desperation of the relatives and even a sharper deterioration in both civil and military atmosphere. Therefore, special refrigerated cars are needed,” the publication says.

Ukraine received refrigerator cars several months ago as part of foreign military assistance package. Kyiv also has domestically designed refrigerated trucks. Reportedly, each of these hearse cars has a carrying capacity of 50 tons. In other words, it goes about 500 bodies per car.

"So far, the Ukrainians have shown such refrigerators only to Al Jazeera TV channel, but, of course, only when they were transporting the bodies of Russian soldiers,” the Hungarian newspaper said.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov