Gas explosions occur in three Russian cities in one day

Three household gas explosions occur in different parts of Russia in one day

Three gas explosions took place in apartment buildings in Russia on December 4-5. Household gas explosions occurred in the cities of Nizhnevartovsk (Northern Russia), Yaroslavl and Zavolzhye (Central Russia).

The information about those who were hurt in the explosions is yet to be specified. The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations flew to Nizhnevartovsk — people were buried under the rubble in extreme low temperatures there (-16-23C).

A state of emergency was implemented in Nizhnevartovsk.

First reports about the explosion in Nizhnevartovsk on Mira Street appeared on December 4, at around 16:00 Moscow time. The power of the explosion caused floor structures to collapse, which subsequently triggered the partial collapse of second and third floors.

The apartment building was not connected to the gas network. The depressurization of a gas cylinder is believed to be the main version of the incident. Local residents said that shortly before the explosion, several large containers of gas were allegedly delivered to one of the apartments.

Rescuers have already found elements of the exploded containers.

According to other sources, the explosion took place when a tenant was preparing a gas cylinder for a fishing trip.

It was originally reported that six people were killed and five were injured in the gas explosion in Nizhnevartovsk. The following day the information was corrected: one person was killed, seven others went missing, two are believed to be buried under the rubble.

In total, seven people went missing as a result of the explosion in Nizhnevartovsk. On December 5, temperatures in the city dropped to -20 degrees Centigrade.

Another gas explosion occurred in Yaroslavl

The incident occurred in Yaroslavl on December 5. As in the previous case, the explosion took place as a result of the improper operation of gas equipment. The explosion seriously damaged one apartment, as well as about a hundred square meters of the roof of the residential building. Two people were injured. The 40-year-old owner of the apartment suffered multiple burns and was hospitalized in serious condition.

Because of the explosion in Yaroslavl, a criminal case was initiated under Article 238 of the Criminal Code ("Performance of work that does not meet the requirements for the safety of life and health of consumers”).

Explosion in Nizhny Novgorod region

On December 5, a gas explosion occurred in a residential building in the city of Zavolzhye in the Nizhny Novgorod Region. After the explosion, a fire started in the building. Tenants had to be evacuated. The epicenter of the explosion was on the second floor — the shock wave demolished the walls between three apartments. According to preliminary data, no one was injured.

Andrey Shevchenko, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Federal Structure and Regional Policy, said that senators were preparing amendments to the Code of Administrative Offences, according to which inspection organisations will be punished for violations when inspecting gas equipment in residential buildings.

With the onset of cold weather, gas explosions began to occur across the country.

  • On December 3, an explosion occurred in the Astrakhan region;
  • on November 23 equipment exploded in the Novosibirsk region;
  • on November 22 an explosion occurred in the Moscow region;
  • on November 9 — in Dagestan;
  • on October 26 — in Izhevsk.

The gas explosion on Sakhalin was the deadliest. The blast caused a large section of an apartment bloc to collapse completely. Nine were killed, four of them were children. After the explosion, mourning was declared in the city.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov