Supplying Patriot air defence systems to Ukraine makes absolutely no sense

Patriot air defense systems in Ukraine will be powerless against Russian missiles

Military expert Viktor Litovkin believes that there are reasons why Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems will be powerless against Russian missiles in Ukraine.

Kyiv has been asking for Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems several months claiming that such complexes will seriously strengthen Ukraine's air defense. However, Western countries are in no hurry to supply them. They need those systems for their own needs in the first place.

Germany offered to deploy several of such complexes in Poland. After that, Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of Poland's ruling party Law and Justice, suggested supplying those complexes to Ukraine. Germany rejected such a proposal.

This initiative did not find understanding among the Polish opposition. According to the latter, the ruling party is looking for an excuse not to obtain air defense systems from Germany (Warsaw seeks reparations from Berlin, and the opposition supports this requirement).

No one knows what will happen to Ukraine in 6 months

Ukraine will not get Patriot systems anyway, Viktor Litovkin believes. First off, in order to protect any particular object, at least four such air defense systems would be required, which is too expensive and impractical in the case of Ukraine.

Secondly, the Patriot air defense system is incapable of shooting down aircraft that fly below 100 meters.

"It does not see them. Everything that flies below 100 meters — a drone, missiles — will be outside the Patriot access zone," the expert told PolitRussia.

In addition, it is NATO military personnel that will be have to handle such complexes. NATO representatives say that the alliance does not want to participate in the conflict.

It will take six months or even longer to train the Ukrainian military, Viktor Litovkin believes.

"No one knows what will happen to Ukraine in six months," he said.

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