The dirty bomb situation: Russian forces put on alert

The Russian Ministry of Defence has put its forces on alert to be prepared for action "under conditions of radioactive contamination" against the background of reports indicating Kyiv's readiness to use a dirty bomb, Igor Kirillov, the head of the Russian Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Forces said at a news briefing on October 24.

The Russian Defence Ministry has information indicating that Kyiv plans to detonate a "dirty bomb” in Ukraine to intimidate local residents and accuse Moscow of the use of tactical nuclear weapons. The plan of the Ukrainian side, according to the ministry, is to pass off the detonation of a "dirty bomb” as an "improper activation of a low-yield Russian nuclear weapon.”

According to the department, two Ukrainian organisations have specific instructions to create such a weapon, and they are going through the final stage already.

Kirillov also said that the Russian Defence Ministry has information about contacts between the office of the President of Ukraine and UK officials regarding a possibility to obtain a nuclear technology.

According to the general, Ukraine has the required raw materials for the dirty bomb at its nuclear power plants (including at the Chernobyl NPP), as well as the necessary scientific base in Kyiv and Kharkiv.

In this regard, the Russian Ministry of Defence has arranged activities to counter possible provocations that Ukraine may stage. In addition, Russia put forces on alert to be able to perform tasks under conditions of radioactive contamination.

Lavrov's statements

Russia has verified the information about the preparation of the "dirty bomb” provocation in Ukraine. This is not an evidence-free accusation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. According to him, Russia intends to raise this issue at the UN.

The Foreign Minister also said that Russia had information about specific Ukrainian organizations that were engaged in the "dirty bomb" technology. He did not name any, though.

The public statements from the West about their distrust of Russian warnings do not mean that Western officials take Moscow's information lightly, the minister added.

Possible consequences

An explosion of a dirty bomb will inevitably lead to radioactive contamination of an area of ​​several thousand square meters, Igor Kirillov, the head of the Russian Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Forces said.

According to Renat Karchaa, adviser to the general director of Rosenergoatom, the affected territories will be polluted for a period of 30 to 50 years. "Tens of thousands of people will suffer at the very least, he said.

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