Russia's Geran-2 kamikaze drones could be local version of Iran's Shahed 136 UAVs

Russia's Geran-2 kamikaze drones become nightmare for Kyiv

Kamikaze drones have been attacking Ukraining cities for days now. Russia started using kamikaze drones against Ukraine in September. They are drones about two meters long. Operators can supposedly conduct surveillance, detect targets and attack them. A distinctive feature of Russian drones is their roaring sound, which one may compare to engine noise from mopeds or chainsaws.

It is believed that such UAVs are cheaper than cruise missiles. They are capable of overcoming air defense systems, which makes them usable for attacks in the rear. Kamikaze UAVs have thus been used in Odessa, Nikolaev, Bila Tserkva and Kyiv.

Nevertheless, according to reports from the Ukrainian authorities, the military still manage to shoot down some of the drones.

Back in September, Ukrainian media published photos of the wreckage of one of the downed drones, on which one could see the inscription "Geran-2” next to the number.

In fact, Geran-2 could be a local version of Iran's Shahed 136 UAVs. Shortly before they emerged in Ukraine, Western media and intelligence warned that the Russian Federation had received hundreds of drones from Tehran. However, both sides deny this information.

Military expert Alexei Leonkov said that Geran-2 drones have become a "nightmare" for Kyiv.

On Monday, October 17, Geran drones struck several targets in Kyiv.

"Russia has been striking critical infrastructure of Ukraine not only with the help of Geran-2 drones, but also with other means of destruction that the Russian army has in its arsenal — these are air, sea, and ground-based cruise missiles,” he said in an interview with the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper.

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Geran 2 over Kyiv
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