Chechen President Kadyrov speaks his mind about Russia's mistakes in special operation

Chechnya's Kadyrov: I would have declared mobilisation long ago and used any weapons

"Let me calm most ardent and skeptical commentators down. In the course of the special operation, we do not retreat anywhere and nowhere. These are all Western provocations and fakes. Don't let yourself be fooled. There are such concepts as tactics and strategy.

"We cannot indiscriminately shoot everyone, including civilians, just to satisfy the manic desires of couch ignoramuses. In this special operation, Russia is trying to minimize human casualties. Yet, Bandera Nazis can afford it to the point when they shoot at their own people. Hence the differences in tactics.

"Our generals, who graduated from military academies, are well versed in intricacies of military matters and they let the enemy do only what is beneficial to us. To destroy enemy units, one needs to use various tricks: to stretch its strength, pull it back, trap them, force them come into the field or lure them into a trap. The army leadership perfectly combines all these methods.

"So, friends, let's not rattle sabers on the couch, but let us rather find the right words of support for our fighters and pray for them so that everyone returns alive and healthy, with a victory."

A few other highlights from Kadyrov's speech:

— There are many rumours and fakes. Some categories of citizens buy into them.

— War does not go unilaterally, especially when you are opposed by dozens of states. In Ukraine, mobilisation is in full swing, villagers who have never seen a machine gun are sent to the front.

— If you ask me, the situation is unambiguous. Nobody plans to retreat, there's combative mood. But, if you ask me, the special operation has long developed into military actions. I would have declared martial law and mobilization long ago, I would have started preparing the population for mobilisation and used every opportunity to finish off with these evil spirits faster.

— I am not saying this as the head of the region. I am saying this as a patriot, as a volunteer. No one has ever ordered me to say this. I speak my mind.

— The forces and means that have been supplied to Ukraine are larger than we expected. We may have miscalculated at some point.

— We have taken the Kherson and the Kharkiv regions. We have done that. My guys have been to Mariupol.

— One should not wait for mobilisation. Every region should provide forces and means that they have. Offer what they can. Talking is easy, typing is easy, acting is a different story.

— Even if you are not completely satisfied with the course of the special operation, we must support our guys. I would use any weapons, because we are fighting against the NATO bloc.

— Even if this war ends, our war with these shaitans will not end. We didn't start the war to retreat.

— They have no traditions, customs, religion. Russia is the best place in the world for such people (believers). And the best place for Muslims.

— We will wait for the president's decision. Let's pray and ask God for help.

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Editor Dmitry Sudakov