Top manager of Russian corporation falls into the sea and drowns during boat trip

Russian top manager of Corporation for Arctic Development dies during boat trip

Ivan Pechorin, a top manager of the Сorporation for the Вevelopment of the Far East and the Arctic died near Russky Island (Vladivostok). He fell into the sea and drowned during a boat trip at night.

The incident occurred on the evening of September 10, when Ivan Pechorin and a group of his friends went on a pleasure boat trip. According to an eyewitness, the passengers came on board already tipsy, and Pechorin decided to swim in the sea right before the trip. The captain was not happy about such a perspective as he did not want to go to sea after dark.

The company continued drinking on board. About 40 minutes into the journey, the captain was informed about a man overboard. It turned out that Ivan Pechorin fell from the front deck in the bow of the boat, which could not be visible from the bridge.

It is believed that Pechorin sat down on a decorative fence, despite captain's requests not to do so, and fell into the sea when the boat rocked.

The captain turned the boat back to look for the man in the sea in the dark. Rescuers later joined the search, but the man's body was found only two days later — he was washed up on the shore of Staritsky Cape on Russky Island.

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