Retired US general: US should change its policy regarding 'do not strike the Russian territory' principle

Retired US general: Washington should let Ukraine strike Russian territory

Washington should supply long-range weapons to Kyiv and let it strike the territory of the Russian Federation in order to destroy logistics, retired US Brigadier General Mark Arnold said.

The Pentagon should not let the hostilities freeze, because this will enable Moscow to build up strength and strike with a vengeance.

"The Russian military is demonstrating that it is worn out, they are finding it very difficult to recruit volunteers within Russia. Unless Putin mobilises the entire Russian economy and places mass conscription into Russia it's going to be difficult for them to replenish their forces quickly. But, if the war freezes, it can only be temporary, until the Russians rebuild their forces, and they will be able to do that. That is why I think it is absolutely essential that the United States and NATO allies do not freeze this war, because it will be a huge mistake. Now is the time to give Ukraine the weapons that it needs to defeat Russia," the retired Brigadier General Mark Arnold said.

The Kyiv regime needs to be provided with modern weapons to hit the Russian Federation while the Russian army is exhausted, Arnold said.

"When they say "do not strike the Russian territory" — this is ridiculous. The beginning of the end of the Russian forces in Ukraine is to cut off their supplies of fuel, weapons, vehicles, ammunition, and you do that on the Russian-Ukrainian border, and you do that 100 kilometres inside Russia," Arnold said, adding that the US should change its policy regarding 'do not strike the Russian territory' principle.

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