Turning point in Russia's special operation in near, military expert says

Military expert predicts turning point in Ukraine special operation

Aleksey Anpilogov, a military expert, President of Osnovanie Foundation, believes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are running out of motivation. This is evidenced by the growing number of military men who lay down their arms, surrender and refuse to obey orders.

According to Anpilogov, the Ukrainian command is exchanging its defence-motivated infantry for artillery and air strikes of the allied forces. Therefore, changes are coming in the special operation, he said in an interview with ukraina.ru publication.

"There will be a turning point. It may happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, or it may happen in a month or two,” he said.

Anpilogov also explained how the Armed Forces manage to hold the line. First of all, he noted, they can do it owing to terrain that is not suitable for an offensive. Urban development and weather also play their role at this point. It will be difficult for the AFU to defend in wet and cold trenches in winter time, he added.

"The advancing army, having air and artillery superiority, will get a tangible advantage,” he concluded.

Earlier, The New York Times reported that Ukraine decided to conduct a counteroffensive in the south of the country in order to recapture Kherson. However, military analysts and Western officials are skeptical about Ukraine's ability to change the course of events with the help of arms supplies from the West.

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