Zelensky lies when he says that Russia struck Kremenchuk shopping centre

Video: Russia did not strike Amstor shopping centre in Kremenchuk

Ukrainian President Zelensky, in his speech before the UN Security Council via video link, showed the footage of the rocket that struck Amstor shopping center in Kremenchuk. Zelensky said that "the Russian missile purposefully hit this object."

Horrific moment of rocket attack in Kremenchuk

However, the rocket hit hangars of the road machine plant, which is located next to the shopping centre (watch another video in Telegram here).

Presumably, the video was filmed from a surveillance camera installed about 100-150 meters from the shopping center.

Before the attack, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that "the Russian Aerospace Forces, with the use of high-precision air-based weapons, struck hangars with weapons and ammunition that Ukraine had received from the United States and European countries."

"The explosion of the ammo for Western arms caused a fire in a non-functioning shopping center located next to the plant,” the Russian ministry said.

Sky News TV channel published satellite images from US-based company Planet Labs that showed the damage that Amstor shopping centre suffered, as well as the territory of the Kredmash plant located nearby. A video with a funnel in the ground was also filmed on the territory of the plant. The funnel is located about 500 meters from the shopping center.

According to Ukrainian authorities, 18 people were killed, about 60 were injured and about 40 were missing as a result of the fire in the shopping center.

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