Ukrainian special forces blow up landmine with ammonium nitrate

Ukraine blows up ammonium nitrate to accuse Russia of chemical attack

Ukrainian special services blew up ammonium nitrate to accuse the Russian Armed Forces of using poisonous substances, the Russian Defense Ministry told reporters on Monday.

"The Kyiv regime continues the practice of provocations to accuse the Russian Armed Forces of the alleged use of poisonous substances. Today at 13:35, on a farm located 1,5 kilometers to the north-west of the village of Mazanovka, the Ukrainian special services detonated a landmine that they had reinforced with a lining of up to one ton of ammonium nitrate," the ministry said.

A poisonous cloud about one kilometer high was formed as a result of the explosion. The poisonous cloud started moving towards the town of Kramatorsk, the ministry added. 

The Ministry of Defense recalled that on May 11, Ukraine conducted a similar provocation in the area of ​​​​the settlement of Dolgenkoye, in the Kharkiv region. Ukrainian nationalists blew up tanks with fertilizers, presumably ammonium nitrate, in order to subsequently accuse Russia of a chemical attack. 

Russia has repeatedly warned of such provocations, the Defense Ministry noted.

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Ammonium nitrate explosion near Kramatorsk
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