Russia to do away with Azovstal resistance in the next couple of days

Azovstal in Mariupol to fall in the next couple of days

The main center of Ukraine's resistance remains at Azovstal plant in the city of Mariupol. The Russian army currently intensifies its actions in the area to destroy the centre of resistance on the territory of the metallurgical enterprise. 

Eduard Basurin, a representative of the People's Militia of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) announced that the military proceeded to the stage to storm Azovstal, RIA Novosti reports. 

“As far as I know, some of the groups that have been selected specifically for the assault on this object have already begun their work,” Basurin said.

He expressed a hope that the Ukrainian military who remain on the territory of the plant would surrender in the near future. The forces of the republic have taken total control over Mariupol's residential areas, he added. 

On April 18, the commander of the DPR unit said that Ukrainian troops tried to break through the encirclement from the territory of Azovstal twice, but Basurin later denied those allegations.

On April 17, it was reported that the Ukrainian military at Azovstal and the Ilych factory declined the offer from the Russian Defence ministry to surrender to the Russian troops. 

Chechen President Kadyrov says Mariupol to fall on April 19

Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of Chechnya, said that the Russian military would establish full control over the Azovstal plant in Mariupol already on April 19.

“I want to please those people who are waiting for peace and stability in the Ukrainian Republic. Today, with the help of the Almighty, we will finish off the Banderites in Mariupol and take control of Azovstal completely. In other settlements, Ukrops (derogatory for 'Ukrainians' - ed.) flee themselves. So it's today or tomorrow - the shaitans will not last long,” Kadyrov said in an audio message that he posted on his Telegram channel. 

According to him, those who flee Ukrainian settlements will be captured in Kharkov, Kiev, "and wherever they are."

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