Ukrainian T-72 tank kills 15 Ukrainian military men in bizarre friendly fire attack

Ukrainian tank kills 15 Ukrainian soldiers in bizarre friendly fire attack

A bizarre and horrifying incident that occurred near the checkpoint of an armed unit of Ukraine's territorial defense has raised many questions.

The video was captured on video. The video shows a Ukrainian T-72 tank approaching a group of about 15 Ukrainian military men and opening fire at them from a distance of about ten meters.

The video clearly shows that the military men were not panicking as they saw the Ukrainian tank approaching them. They were taking pictures of themselves against the background of an abandoned Russian armoured vehicle.

As soon as they saw the tank coming, one of the men in the video says (cursing): "Hope it will not hit us." Yet, the men continued playing around with the trophies on the scene.

The phrase that the man in the video said suggests that the Ukrainian military men were aware that the crew of the Ukrainian tank could take them for Russians. One of the men from the group even waved his hand to the approaching T-72.

However, the next moment, the tank opens fire at the men, killing them all instantly. The tank crew apparently did not even try to figure out anything.

At least three videos of this incident are currently available. One of them  shows the attack from a distance. The man who caught this moment on camera then ran away into the woods for safety.

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