Who is shooting at schools and children in Ukraine

An American journalist was shocked by the truth about the actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Volnovakha

The director of the local school told an American journalist about the crimes committed by the Ukrainian military in the city. According to her, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed everything there, and also shot at the school where there were children.

— And why were the Ukrainians shooting at the school?
— We don't know.
— But there were children inside.

"Up to 30 minutes of reloading — half an hour we could breathe, get water if we had time, there are wells on the school grounds" — said the director.

The woman also added that those who sat in this school were still lucky — no one was based here, unlike other buildings in the area. People ran here from the hospitals to be relatively safe for a little while.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin