Ukrainian radicals, who tortured Russian soldiers, captured

Russian special forces capture Ukrainian torturers

Russian special forces captured the Ukrainian servicemen, who participated in the torture of Russian military men, Vladimir Shamanov, deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Development of Civil Society, Issues of Public and Religious Associations said.

The captured men were identified as Ukrainian citizens Sergei Velichko, nicknamed "Chile" and Konstantin Nemichev "a member of the fan group of local Metalist football club."

The horrific, blood-chilling video of Ukrainian servicemen torturing Russian prisoners of war appeared on the Internet on Sunday, March 27. The video shows allegedly Ukrainian servicemen shooting Russian soldiers in the legs and leaving them prostrate on the ground bleeding. One of the Russian soldiers dies during the torture, while the Ukrainian army man continues kicking his body that appears to be already lifeless. The video then shows more Russian POWs arriving, and the Ukrainian military men shoot them all in the legs too.

The video of the torture was allegedly made in Ukraine's Kharkov region. Two of the executioners were identified on social media. One of the alleged perpetrators is a fighter of the Azov* national battalion (banned in Russia), and the other one is a fighter of territorial defense.

Here is what is known about Nazis Sergei Velichko and Konstantin Nemichev, whom the Russian special forces captured for the brutal abuse of captvated soldiers:

  • Neo-Nazi Velichko, nicknamed Chile, was born in Kharkiv and became famous for his active participation in violent Maidan riots in 2014, as well as for his activities in the Azov* battalion. He is known for his particular cruelty, he would not stop at killing even children. Later, Velichko was imprisoned for extortion, but was recently released early.
  • Nemichev was the head of Azov* in Kharkiv and still heads the national corps in the city. He posted videos of the torture of prisoners of war on his social media pages. 

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case into the fact of torture and attempted murder of eight Russian soldiers.

UPDATE: According to most recent reports, Ukrainian military Konstantin Nemichev and Sergei Velichko recorded a video message, in which they stated that they were still in Kharkov. They were not captured by the Russian special forces, they added.

Earlier today, State Duma deputy Shamanov said that Russian special forces had captured Nemichev and Velichko.

*banned in Russia

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