Ukrainian air defences shoot down their own fighter aircraft over Kiev

Ukraine mistakenly shoots down its own fighter jet over Kiev

A fireball appeared in the night sky over Kiev after Ukrainian air defence mistakenly shot down its own fighter aircraft, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry told RIA Novosti.

Earlier, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that residential areas of Kiev were bombed, "like in 1941."

"The Russian Armed Forces have not conducted any missile strikes on Kiev, the heroism of which during the Great Patriotic War Vladimir Zelensky finally recollected," the source said.

The appearance of the bright fireball in the night sky over the Ukrainian capital on February 25, followed by its fall on a residential building, had a completely different explanation, the source added.

"Last night, a Su-27 fighter of the Ukrainian Air Force was performing air patrol missions over Kiev. By mistake, one of the Ukrainian air defense anti-aircraft missile systems stationed near Kiev identified it as a target and attacked it,” the source said.

In this regard, the source added, Zelensky who has done everything in recent years to glorify the Ukrainian Nazis, has drawn the right analogy with the Great Patriotic War.

"But it should be associated with November 1943, when the Red Army liberated Kiev from Nazi occupiers," the source said.

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