Russian Air Force aircraft intercept NATO fighter jets near Crimea

Russian fighter jets intercept NATO warplanes off the coast of Crimea

Russia showed a tough reaction to yet another provocation of NATO fighter aircraft off the coast of Crimea.

Last Wednesday, on December 1, Russian warplanes were scrambled to intercept French fighter jets near the Russian borders over the Black Sea. The Russian fighters managed to force the French aircraft to return to their airbases under the threat of the use of force.

However, NATO decided to go to a new provocation by sending five combat aircraft to the coast of Crimea. In addition to the fighters of the French Air Force, the airplanes of the US Air Force also took part in the provocation, website reports.

Nevertheless, the Russian military aircraft of Russia's Black Sea Fleet started acting in a tougher way and went on to put really tough pressure on the NATO aircraft. It was said that the Russian aircraft showed their readiness to use weapons if the NATO fighters continued their flight towards the Russian border.

NATO's provocative actions force Russia to harsh response, but it is the decisions of the North Atlantic Alliance administration that aggravate tensions in the area of the Russian borders.

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