Worst scenario in Israel-Palestine conflict is possible

Local observers do not rule it out that the Israelis can face the worst scenario in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

It is supposed that crowds of Palestinians can rush into Jewish settlements or even break through army positions around the Palestinian towns, appearing in the territory of Israel proper.

Many estimates suggest that tension among the Palestinians is aggravating, especially because of the continuing siege of Yasser Arafat's residence in Ramallah by Israeli forces.

In this connection, many observers suppose that large-scale actions of protest could be launched soon in the territories of the Palestinian Autonomy. Demonstrations of Palestinians have been held in many towns of the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip since Saturday night.

According to the latest data, the FATH movement leaders called on Monday to the Palestinians to start a general strike of solidarity with Yasser Arafat.

However, according to many estimates, the Palestinian protest will not be confined to this. It is even alleged that inhabitants of the Palestinian camps in Lebanon have requested the Lebanese government to open up the border with Israel so that thousands of them could rush to help their brothers in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinians have been asserting for several days that their leader "is in serious danger". It has been pointed out, in particular, that the walls of the residence could fail to withstand the blast caused by explosions of neighbouring buildings permanently carried out by the Israelis.

Apart from that, according to information, a rocket launched by an Israeli helicopter hit the premise next to Arafat's study, and the Palestinian leader was all over in plaster.

At present, the Israelis have discontinued to destroy the buildings of the Palestinian chancellery in Ramallah. Also, the armoured dozers, which had dug a deep ditch around the only remaining building of Arafat's residence, have been withdrawn. Energy and water supply to the residence have been restored.

Nevertheless, the siege is continuing, and the Palestinians demand that the Israelis should cease to expose the life of their leader to danger. Moreover, many Palestinians believe that Israel is merely mocking at Arafat.

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