Aftermath of arms depot explosions in Russia: One killed, over 30 injured

Aftermath of arms depot explosions in Russia: One killed, 33 injured

As a result of two series of explosions of ammo on the territory of the military unit near the city of Achinsk, the Krasnoyarsk region (Siberia), 33 people were injured, one was killed.

Explosions that ripped through the arms depot on August 5 killed one person on the scene and injured 15 others. Explosions continued in the evening of August 9: 18 were injured, seven of them were hospitalized. No minors were hurt. It was reported that four patients, who suffered as a result of explosions near Achinsk, were to be discharged before the end of the week.

More than 800 residents of the Achinsky district applied for material assistance to restore their damaged property. The explosions shattered windows, damaged doors, walls and roofs.

According to Alexander Lapin, the commander of the Central Military District, the situation after a series of explosions is stabilizing. Not a single explosion has occurred over the past night and day.

AuroraIntel international investigation team published satellite images of warehouses near Achinsk. The photos were allegedly made on August 4, before the explosions, and on August 10.

The explosions at an arms depot near the city of Achinsk began on August 5. The next day, the authorities reported that the explosions had stopped, but they resumed on August 9. Officials with the Ministry of Defense said that the fire on the arms depot started as a result of a lightning strike.

Later, representatives of the Ministry of Defense said that the fire started because of the human factor. Deputy Defense Minister said that the Achinsk arsenal would be disbanded, ammunition would be transferred to other depots. According to unconfirmed reports, the arms depot near Achinsk could hold up to 40,000 units of ammo.

Interestingly, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was supposed to come to the region, but his visit was canceled without explanation.

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