An-148 black box recording seconds before crash: Terrain ahead! Terrain ahead! PULL UP!

Audio recording seconds before An-148 crashed near Moscow shows piloting error

The audio recording recovered from the flight recorder of the An-148 aircraft that crashed near Moscow soon after takeoff on February 11 has been published. The recording shows what was happening in the cockpit of the passenger airplane several minutes before the crash. The readings of the sensors indicate that the second pilot had forgotten to turn on the heating of one of the devices. Afterwards, when the point of no return was passed, the pilot panicked and sent the plane down rather than up.

Velocity sensors were showing different numbers almost immediately after take-off. A source at the Russian Aviation Agency confirmed the authenticity of the decryption of the audio recording but withheld official comments on the subject. Officials with the International Aviation Committee  declined to comment until the end of the investigation of the air crash.

Transcript of the recording:

Commander of the aircraft (CA): Up! Thaaaat's right.
Co-pilot (CP): OK, OK.
CA: And you ...
CP: This is rubbish!
CA: I understand, you wanted it ... And you did on the contrary, down.
CP: Okay, okay, you'll talk later. I mean everything else. So, we control everything!
CA: Everything is fine.
CP: OK, the speed is normal.
AUTOINFORMATOR: Equalise speed! Equalise speed!
CP: Op-op-op ... 390!
CA: Why down?! Why are you going down? Why down ?! Where are you going?!
AUTOINFORMATOR: Equalise speed! Equalise speed!
VP: Enough!  *** The speed is 200, ***!
CA: Altitude! Altitude! Altitude!
AUTOINFORMATOR: Terrain ahead! Terrain ahead! PULL UP! Terrain ahead!
CA: Up!
AUTOINFORMATOR: Terrain ahead! Terrain ahead! PULL UP! Terrain ahead!
CA: That's all, we are ***!

A commission of the Russian Aviation Agency concluded as a result of its investigation that there were many violations made in the activities of the airline.

The An-148 of Saratov Airlines crashed on February 11 a few minutes after it took off from Domodedovo Airport. All 65 passengers and six crew members were killed. According to the IAC, a dangerous situation aboard the aircraft appeared 2.5 minutes after take-off, when the aircraft was at an altitude of 1,300 meters.


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