Explosion in St. Petersburg was terrorist attack, Putin says

Putin says explosion at St. Petersburg supermarket was terrorist attack

The explosion at "Perekryostok" ("Crossroads") supermarket in St. Petersburg was a terrorist attack, President Putin said.

"You know that yesterday a terrorist act was committed in St. Petersburg," Putin said on December 28.

 "Yesterday, I instructed the Director of the Federal Security Bureau to act within the framework of the law when they work to detain those criminals. However, in case of a lethal danger to life of our officers, they should act resolutely, without taki9ng anyone captive, but destroy terrorists on the spot," Putin added.  

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the suspect, who left the backpack in the locker of the supermarket, was found on the footage from surveillance cameras.

The alleged perpetrator came to the supermarket on a minibus, fontanka.ru wrote without making any reference to the source. The suspect was described as a well-built brunette man of a non-Slavic appearance, who was wearing a green hooded jacket."

Having entered the supermarket, the man left his backpack in the locker, stayed inside the supermarket for about 30 minutes and then left without the backpack. The explosion occurred about half an hour later, at about 6:45 p.m. MSK.

Thirteen people suffered as a result of the blast; luckily, no one was killed. One of the patients has been discharged from hospital.

The National Anti-Terrorist Committee is supervising the work of special services investigating the attack in St. Petersburg.


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