The attack that Sayfullo Saipov of Uzbekistan committed in Manhattan was not his idea

Who trained Manhattan attacker Saipov?

Former citizen of Uzbekistan Sayfullo Saipov was trained for the terrorist attack in New York, psychologist and criminalist Mikhail Vinogradov told Pravda.Ru.

"It was reported that Saipov moved to the US in 2010. For seven years, he has shown no sign of aggression. The man was leading a respectable life, he was a law-abiding citizen who could only be fined for improper parking at times. All of a sudden, he rents a truck to crush pedestrians in New York. What was that?"

"This type of behaviour is only relatively unexpected. A person's lifestyle and their looks do not say much. We do not know why he grew a beard, maybe he did not want to be easily recognised. Yet, the act that he has committed was not his idea. I believe that he was trained to commit the attack."

"People in the West describe such terrorists as sick and mentally unbalanced individuals. Is it true to fact?"

"The concepts of sanity and insanity changed a long time ago. Those, whom we used to recognise insane and placed in psychiatric hospitals, are considered absolutely sane and normal individuals. On the contrary, most decent citizens may turn out to be terrorists - those who harbour dangerous ideas under someone else's guidance. Special services know how to change human psyche. To accomplish this, they pick manipulative people, in whom it is easy to implant ideas."

"Do you think that the site of the attack - not far from the monument to September 11 victims - was not incidental?"

"This is obviously a reminder to the United States not to forget about terrorism. Of course, it was not incidental."

"Do you think that such terror attacks are possible in Russia?"

"They, they are possible. As far as I know from law-enforcers, only two or three attacks are committed out of a thousand."

"What regions of Russia can be a target for such attacks?"

"Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, the south of Russia, Siberia."


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