Terror attack near Tel-Aviv killed two and wounded 16

A woman wounded in the terror attack near Tel-Aviv on Thursday has died in an Israeli hospital.

The specified data suggest that another 16 people were taken to hospital with wounds.

It is reported that a young Arab tried to take a bus en route to Petah-Tikwa, an Israeli town. But the bus-driver suspected something wrong and forced him out of the bus. The Arab fell down, and as witnesses claim, they saw "a belt of a suicide bomber" looking out from his clothes. Having realised that he was exposed, he exploded the bomb on the pavement.

As a representative of the HAMAS radical Islamic movement said, "the Zionist enemy won't feel safety in Tel-Aviv until Palestinians are secure in Han-Yunis." Israeli army units conducted an operation in Han-Yunis, the Gaza Strip, at Monday night. It left 17 Palestinians dead and several dozens wounded. Following the operation, radical Palestinian organisations announced that they will take revenge on Israelis.