CIA declassifies 99 documents on “Doctor Zhivago” publication in Russian

Nobel-Prize-winning novel "Doctor Zhivago" by Boris Pasternak was not accepted for publication during the Soviet times because of its criticism of Stalinism and Soviet society.

The CIA decided to take this occasion and reveal the imperfections of Soviet people life. In a cable dated March 27, 1959, the agency wrote:

"We feel that Dr. Zhivago is an excellent springboard for conversations with Soviets on the general theme of "Communism versus Freedom of Expression."

The agency released 99 documents on their plot dating back to 1958.

The CIA first published "Doctor Zhivago" in the Hague and then distributed it through different channels to the citizens as well as smuggled it into the Soviet Union.

The novel deals with the life of Russian intelligentsia during the period from the beginning of the XX century to the World War II.

The gained popularity made it win a Nobel Prize, that was not part of the CIA plan as they acknowledge.

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