Obama to serve 3d term by declaring martial law

The U.S. House Speaker John Boehner assumed that Obama's deal with Iran is not so transparent. Still, he remains blind to the probable Obama's betrayal of the constitutional self-government.

It can be explained with a number of reasons.

There is such a tendency that people prefer to estrange themselves from different threats and dangers. That was proven by Herman Kahn, founder of the Hudson Institute, who realized that cold reasoning is prevented by an emotional barrier. It was found out under the strategic consequences of nuclear weapons and presents a real threat to the humanity.

There are a lot of talks on wasteland future today and much of it is advertized with endless graphic violence. There is no doubt that absence of morality as well as conscience are required here.

Iranian's groups guilty of terrorist practices are being roused and backed today greatly.

To be clear, the Americans should invest great efforts to manage to reveal Obama faction's role in arming ISIS terror, or their treacherous deal with the moguls of Shiite terrorism in Iran.

Thus, the rapprochement with Iran may now purport to fight.

This contradictory alliance may evidence Obama's "ambition to secure a triumph for his foreign-policy legacy, or his failure to appreciate the real nature of the dangers involved in thinking that Iran can be safely installed as the stabilizing power in the Middle East. Most don't even hint at what may be his most sinister aim, i.e. "to take America down."

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