FBI accused of ‘whitewashing’ Saudis under 9/11 tragedy investigation

Despite the probes that have been conducted by the FBI over the period of several years, the newly achieved reports still hold the real information secret.

The Commission tried to be reticent about the Saudi family fleeing from their house 15 days right before the attack and escaping to Saudi Arabia.

However, more on the subject was revealed by the neighbours of the couple.

Esam Ghazzawi, owner of the house, appeared to be the adviser to the nephew of the Saudi King Fahd. Among the household were his daughter and son-in-law, who had occupied the house for about six years by then.

In addition to it, the FBI agents were informed by the neighbours about the mentioned suspect who had been a trainee of the flight school where certain 9/11 hijackers had been training.

There have also been revealed other persons who had connections with al-Qaeda representatives and mainly Osama bin Laden.

The further re-entry of the suspect could make it possible for the investigation commission to track him.

Co-chair of the Congressional Inquiry into 9/11, Bob Graham, claimed that the main financier of the tragedy was Saudi Arabia.

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