Ukrainian general, killed in copter crash, vowed to kill Russians in cold blood

Yesterday, on May 30th, self-defense forces of Slavyansk show town a helicopter of the Ukrainian troops. Fourteen people were killed in the crash of the military helicopter, including including former Soviet officer, the head of combat and special training of the Internal Troops of Ukraine, Major-General Sergei Kulchitsky. This was announced by Verkhovna Rada-appointed Acting President Alexander Turchynov.

Kulchitsky had anonymously given an interview to journalist Marina Akhmedova. In the interview, he threatened Russia with terrorist attacks. "I will do everything so that they become good soldiers. I've shown them how they need to kill you. Tell your Putin to build friendly relations with us. Otherwise, we will poison your water. We sprinkle some poison in your water pipes. We will rub you out in the outhouse. I'll be doing it. I'll be killing you in cold blood," said Kulchitsky in the interview. The journalist, Marina Akhmedova, has already confirmed that the anonymous man, whom she had interviewed, was Kulchitsky.

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