Criminal Kiev authorities continue to kill civilians, US turns blind eye on murder

During the special operation in Kramatorsk, which the Kiev authorities conduct against the civilian population of Ukraine who support federalization as many as ten people have been killed, Russia 24 TV channel reports. The regional administration of the Donetsk region said that six people were killed and 15 were wounded.

The press-service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry reported that the troops took another checkpoint near Kramatorsk.

"During the operation in Kramatorsk, about ten people were killed, including two military men. The military have taken control of all the buildings that were held there, including the the Interior Ministry building and the building of the Security Bureau of Ukraine and the TV tower. Russian channels are being disabled, Ukrainian channels are being turned on instead," Interfax quoted  correspondent of the Russian channel.

According to him, "the whole town, including the center, with exception for the City Council, is controlled by special forces. There are APCs in the town, there were gunshots heard at night, but they were sporadic clashes," the reporter also said.

Local residents set buses and trolleybuses on fire to block the roads for military units.

The night in Slavyansk was more or less quiet.

On Saturday night, Ukrainian units launched a military operation in the village of Kostiantinovka, the Donetsk region. In Lugansk, the military commissariat was stormed, but the National Guards repulsed the attack.

In the city of Mariupol, a major port city on the south of the region, the adversaries of the sitting Kiev junta stormed the city council; gunfire was heard in the area of the district executive committee.

Meanwhile, US media prefer not to shed much light on what is going on in Ukraine. Daniel McAdams, an American political scientist at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, concluded as a result of his research of the articles published in many respectable US publications, that virtually none of the representatives of the so-called "free press" said anything that could cast a shadow on the political course of the State Department. Even the videos that gives a clear idea of ​​who set the House of Trade Unions ablaze in Odessa, US officials did not say a word about the supporters of the criminal actions of the Kiev authorities.

The Los Angeles Times presented the situation in a way as if the fire in Odessa started by itself, after "separatists" took the building and opened sniper fire on the peaceful march of football fans.

The New York Times, following the line of the State Department, preferred abstract formulations, avoiding any details that could cause damage to the Kiev authorities, whom the United States supports. According to the newspaper, the inferno in Odessa was a result of the tragic set of circumstances.

Obviously, the US media do not want the general public in the United States to even think that there is a point of view on the Ukrainian events other than that of the US government.

In Kramatorsk, the Ukrainian troops shot a 21-year-old nurse, Yulia Izotova, and her three friends. The young people wanted to escape to safety driving a car.

Eyewitnesses said that two bullets hit the girl through the backseat of the vehicle.

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