Obama 'not bluffing' about possible attack on Iran

"Barack Obama does not rule out a possibility of military intervention in Iran," Vice President Joe Biden said. John Kerry, who has returned to Washington, said the same, the Guardian reports.

According to Biden, "Obama is not bluffing." the Vice President spoke to a group of lobbyists for Israel on Monday. 

He stressed out that despite everything, a diplomatic solution of the problem remains a top priority, but the option of military intervention should not be discounted.

Many are skeptical about this version of events, especially after the long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Obama administration hardly wants to start a new war, which will mean the inability of U.S. authorities to solve the problem peacefully.

Israeli lobbyists, whom Biden met, by contrast, call for immediate military intervention, saying that there will be no conflict at all - only one air strike will be enough.

Meanwhile, John Kerry, who returned to Washington on Wednesday after his first overseas trip as the Secretary of State, said that the time to discuss Iran's nuclear program was limited. According to him, it was unclear how long Washington was prepared to tolerate and negotiate again and again.


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