Moose attacks man near Moscow injuring his head and chest


A 78-year-old pensioner from Russia, who decided to take a closer look at a moose in "Moose Island" national park in Moscow, was attacked by the frightened animal.

The accident occurred a few days ago. The man, Agasan Agayev, was skiing when he saw near an adult moose. To take a better look at the beast, the man approached the moose at arm's length. The animal did not like the neighborhood and jumped away, hitting Agayev in the head with a hoof. The next moment, when running away, the moose stepped on the man's chest.

The victim of the moose attack was flown by helicopter to the nearest hospital. The man was diagnosed with bone fractures of the skull, ribs and the collarbone. His condition remains heavy.

According to employees of the park, incidents of moose attacks against people have not been recorded in the last 12 years, but park visitors should bear in mind the fact that the moose is one of the most dangerous animals of the Moscow region. In February and March, grown-up calves separate from their mothers and learn to find their own food and identify dangers. 

Employees of the "Moose Island" park intend to put up special signs to remind people of the danger of moose encounters.


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