Russian volcanoes pose threat to aviation

Four volcanoes have become active in Kamchatka, the Far East of Russia. According to Russian and American satellites, the eruption of Plosky Tolbachik continues, the activity of Shiveluch, Kizim and Karymsky volcanoes significantly increased. Seismologists say that ash particles that volcanoes erupt into the air can be dangerous for aircraft, including helicopters and airplanes of local airlines.

Thus, the height of emissions from Shiveluch made up 4,800 meters above the sea level. On January 7, the ash above the volcano rose to the height of 8 kilometers. A large number of local earthquakes, avalanches were registered along with eruptions of lava and gases.

Specialists assigned an "orange" code of danger to the active volcanoes on Kamchatka. According to seismologists, there is no immediate danger to Kamchatka settlements.

Plosky Tolbachik volcano awoke on Nov. 27 after 36 years of dormancy. A large fissure eruption occurred in 1975-1976. The eruption of 2012 led to the destruction of two scientific bases of volcanologists. In addition, lava flows completely destroyed the tourist base, which was located at the foot of the volcano. The roar from the eruption can be heard on the territory of over tens of kilometers. Villages Mayskoye and Krasny Yar were covered with ash. No one was hurt.



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