Terrorist groups try to benefit from trading in Syria

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The statement of the Under Secretary General for UN Peacekeeping Operations, Hervé Ladsous, said that terrorist groups attempt to benefit from trading in Syria, showing us one of the keys to understanding the violence in this country. Speaking to the media, the public official addressed some of their experiences. 

He noted what they have observed in reaching this nation on Sunday, especially in relation to the work of the UN observers sent to monitor compliance with the six-point plan of the envoy, Kofi Annan.

He pointed out that the dispersion of this group, which today consists of approximately 270 military and 60 civilians, was the fastest in the history of such operations. He highlighted his work to establish a mediation that resolves many of the problems there and ending or reducing violence.

As part of its meetings with the Government, he said, they suggested that the Syrian authorities allow peaceful demonstrations to reinforce the possibility of establishing peace and trust.  This will enable starting the political process in the country.

Nevertheless, he stressed, there are difficulties because there is a third party, who qualifies as terrorist groups by the authorities, who try to gain a personal benefit from ongoing efforts.

The government considered it essential to end the violence as a condition for political dialogue that will allow the Syrian people out of the crisis.

Among other things, Ladsous assured that there are still pending issues being negotiated in Damascus, among them an air support mission and humanitarian aid.

It is necessary that the authorities allow access by the International Committee of the Red Cross to prisoners in Aleppo and Damascus, to see their situation.  This also shows an interest in reaching a solution to the crisis.

In relation to his meetings with opposition groups, he said it is necessary to speak with all stakeholders and to listen to all Syrians.

About the position of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who openly declare their support for violence by supplying weapons to the Syrian opposition, Ladsous strongly disapproves  and reiterated that there is no reason to stoke the fire with weapons or money.

Meanwhile, a statement from the chief of mission in Syria to the press, General Robert Mood, lamented that the press needs to show a different picture of the situation in the country, which was witnessed by Ladsous. He returns to New York with a different image of the country.

Translated from the Portuguese version by:
Lisa Karpova


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