25 mongrel dogs burn alive in dog shelter fire

This morning in the town of Solyakamsk in the Perm region a fire broke out in a dogs' shelter. 25 mongrels died in the blaze. The animals suffocated, reports Prm.Ru.

A worker at the institution noticed the licking of the flames and immediately called the fire brigade. He did not manage to snuff out the fire on his own, for it spread too quickly around the building.

The fire was extinguished within 20 minutes, but it burned the wooden structure of the building, measuring 16 by 3 metres. It took 23 people and 6 trained technicians to subdue the blaze. As a result of the fire, 25 dogs were burned alive. The animals had been locked in their cages and could not get out.

At this time the causes of the breakout are still being determined, the government institution EMERCOM Russia from the Perm region said in a press-conference. «We have not ruled out arson» they added to the representatives of the government, "We are currently conducting an investigation into this".

A similar case happened in Perm around half a year ago, noted Life News. Then, it was a refuge for homeless animals in which 9 dogs were burned alive.

On the previous day, as Arguments and Facts reports, in the Motovilikhinskiy region of Perm, a 5 year old boy sent fire to an apartment. Whilst his father was in one room, in the other the children were playing with fire. Hearing their screams, the father ran in and saw that the house was on fire. He grabbed the children and ran out into the street. Due to a child's prank the windows of the apartment block and their property were burned, and the fire damaged the walls, ceiling and floor. 


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