Parents stage little girl's kidnapping to get away with murder

The baby girl, who was supposedly kidnapped in Russia's Bryansk about three weeks ago, was actually murdered. The baby's mother made the whole story up to blanch over her live-in boyfriend. It became known during the interrogation that it was him who murdered baby girl Anna Shkaptsova.

Vladimir Markin, an official spokesman for the Investigation Committee of Russia, stated that the child had ben killed prior to the "kidnapping." The crime was committed by the common-law husband of the girl's mother, Alexander Kulagin, 31. The mother of Anna Shkaptsova, Svetlana Shkaptsova, is only 19. The man killed the baby during a fight with the woman, the official said.

The body of the baby has not been found yet. It appears that the kidnapping was staged to conceal the traces of murder. The suspect has been arrested.

Investigators did not exclude a possibility of the parents' involvement in the crime. The girl's mother was staying suspiciously calm after her daughter had been "kidnapped." The police made the parents take a lie detector test after they stopped their participation in the investigation.

The news about the disappearance of the baby girl was made public on March 11th. The mother of the little girl said that she had left the stroller with her child at the doors of a pet shop for several minutes. When she came out of the shop, the stroller with the child had already disappeared. The empty stroller was found in an apartment building nearby. The police, over 3,000 volunteers and extrasensorial individuals were involved in the search for the little girl. The victim was only nine months.

It has been reported that the girl's murderer took the girl's body out of the city and tried to burn it in the woods. The man killed the child during a fight with the little girl's mother and made the woman cover up the traces of the crime. They both decided to stage the kidnapping. 


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