Tokyo expects radioactive rain on spring equinox

AP photoThe wind is taking radiation emissions from Fukushima-1 power plant into the open ocean. The plant is located 240 kilometers to the north from Tokyo. However, radioactive elements of the cloud can pass above the Japanese capital too. It is going to rain in Tokyo on Monday throughout the day. Many people of the city's 33-million-strong population are going to stay indoors.

Radioactive rain is said to cast a gloom on the national holiday of the spring equinox in Tokyo. Radioactive isotopes of iodine and cesium were found in vegetables, particularly spinach from Ibaraki prefecture located in the zone of the nuclear power plant. Radioactive substances were also found in the milk from a dairy farm situated 30 kilometers far from Fukushima. The same substances were detected in the tap water of several prefectures, including Tokyo. Specialists assure that it does not pose danger to humans. However, Japanese authorities recommend those living near the troubled station not to drink tap water.

In spite of the fact that the threat of radioactive contamination remains high, life in Japan returns back to normal slowly but surely. Entertainment TV programs resume their broadcast, food and other types of goods begin to fill the stores, the shortage of fuel is not so strong as it was during the first days after the natural disaster. The supplies of electric power have been restored practically in all territories.

The Japanese say that foreign media may very often distort information about the real state of affairs in their country. It was particularly reported, for instance, that there was no central heating in Tokyo after the earthquake. However, there is no central heating in Japan at all, except for Hokkaido island.

One may also hear many foreign reporters saying that the Japanese wear masks over the fears of radioactive precipitation. However, it is the season of pollen allergy in the country and many Japanese wear respiratory masks during this time of the year because they suffer from this type of allergy.


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