Hotel catches fire in China during new year fireworks

43265.jpegA five-star hotel has caught fire in China after a fireworks display to mark the new year.

The blaze in Shenyang, the capital of China's Liaoning Province, is believed to have started in an apartment complex before spreading to the hotel.

Chinese state media said a fireworks display was the cause of the fire. The 20-storey Sheraton Shenyang Lido Hotel is the tallest building in the city, according to Sky News.

Further investigation into the cause and losses of the fire is still underway. Fire engines, whose water guns could jet water only 50 meters high, were helpless at the fire which flamed on the top of Tower A, 219 meters high.

Power supply in the hotel was not cut off, which was said to keep the automatic spray facilities in operation in the building.

Personnel from adjacent five-star Sheraton Shenyang Lido Hotel were evacuated, and residents around the Dynasty Wanxin building mainly stayed at home.

Letting off fireworks on Lunar New Year''s Eve and throughout the festive period is a long-held Chinese tradition based on the belief that the noise will ward off evil spirits and ghosts, MSN India reports.


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