Boiled vegetables beneficial to tissue and blood health

For blood quality and men's health: which vegetables need to be boiled

Margarita Koroleva, a professor at the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia, a doctor of medical sciences and a dietician, shared her recommendations regarding the way of cooking vegetables to get the best of them.

Some vegetables should be boiled to extract as many nutrients as possible. For example, boiled carrots are better absorbed by the body than raw ones, which allows us to obtain more vitamin A from this vegetable. When tomatoes and red peppers are thermally processed, lycopene, a wonderful antioxidant that is highly beneficial for tissue and blood health, is activated and better absorbed by the body.

The specialist also advised people with digestive problems should consume boiled turnip and radish, as their nutrients are better digested by the human body if those vegetables are boiled.

Some vegetables, such as broccoli and beet, contain toxic substances, and it is better to cook them before consumption.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva