Russian doctor explains whether AstraZeneca vaccine is deadly

Russian doctor explains AstraZeneca vaccine deaths in Europe

Alexander Myasnikov, the Сhief Doctor of Moscow Hospital №71, a TV presenter, explained reasons behind the deaths of European citizens after their vaccination with AstraZeneca drug.

According to him, those patients who died due to thrombosis after vaccination had risks for their development. The doctor recalled that the occurrence of blood clots was always dangerous, but the likelihood of lethal outcome was due to the scale of the process.

No vaccine can guarantee 100-percent safety yet, Myasnikov added.

"Today, as we know, with all vaccinations against COVID-19, there is about one serious complication per one million injections. Therefore, one cannot say that AstraZeneca is a deadly vaccine," he explained.

The doctor also noted that the Russian vaccine would still not be able to make its way to the European market for economic reasons.

"The EU will not switch to Sputnik V until it is too late. This time will come soon, but this is те the problem of AstraZeneca in particular - this problem is about the lack of vaccine production and delivery," Alexander Myasnikov said.

According to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), as many as 22 cases of thrombosis have  been reported in the EU per three million AstraZeneca vaccinations. The EMA does not link this phenomenon with the use of the vaccine, but the investigation continues.

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