Sports do make your body stronger against coronavirus

Doctors advise how to work out during coronavirus pandemic

Sports activities do not create immunity to the coronavirus, but they do contribute to the resistance to the novel virus, sports medicine doctors believe.

Ksenia Saprankova, a sports doctor in medicine, said in an interview with that cardio, yoga and swimming improve the general condition of the body best of all as such sports increase the capacity of the lungs. This is an important factor during the coronavirus pandemic, the specialist believes. Those people who exercise at least twice a week usually do not have comorbidities that may aggravate the course of the coronavirus infection.

At the same time, long and exhausting physical exercises can be dangerous for the body, Saprankova said. They cause the body to release excessive amounts of lactic acid is released, which in turn causes the blood to thicken. It is worthy of note that one of the complications that raw coronavirus disease leads to is the development of blood clots.

To increase resistivity, physical exercises should be regular and not shorter than 30 minutes.

It is best to use all parts of the body when exercising. Exercises can be of moderate intensity too as they create a sufficient supply of oxygen to the body, which improves and stabilises metabolism.

Physical activity also has a good effect on lymph drainage, which is important for the elimination of toxins. Exercises also stabilize hormones, reduce stress hormone levels and slow down inflammatory responses. However, exercises can be dangerous if one has increased body temperature as it affects the heart and blood vessels. After the temperature drops, one can resume doing sports, albeit in a mild form - it is recommended to do morning exercises or exercises with one's own weight.

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